B06 – Barstool, Wrought Iron Barstool, Solid Wood Seat + Round Foot Pedal, Vintage Coffee Chair (Brown, 65 cm)

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  • * High quality: The seat structure is clear and natural. The surface is full of texture, soft and pleasant. The legs are made of high strength iron for a longer life.
  • * Design: ergonomic design. The seat feels comfortable. The legs are equipped with foot pedals to relax the feet and make the feet lighter.
  • * Easy to clean: The seat is smooth and flat, and a small piece of damp cloth can make it look new. Do not worry, clean it.
  • * Applies to: Highchair suitable for use in the restaurant, with breakfast stool or in the bar for the production of bar stools, hotel reception, coffee reception, etc. Can apply.
  • * Details: On the underside of the leg are non-slip plastic mats, which protect the floor on the one hand and improve safety on the other hand.

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The Wrought Iron Barstool with Solid Wood Seat and Round Foot Pedal is a stylish and sturdy seating option that can add a touch of vintage charm to any decor. It features a brown solid wood seat and a wrought iron frame with a round foot pedal, making it a comfortable and practical seating option for bars, kitchens, or any high table.

The stool has a height of 65cm, making it suitable for use at a standard bar or high table. It’s designed with a solid wood seat and a sturdy wrought iron frame that provides stability and durability. The round foot pedal adds an extra layer of comfort and convenience, allowing you to rest your feet while seated.

This barstool is a great choice for anyone who wants a vintage and practical seating option in their home or business. Its solid wood seat and wrought iron frame provide stability and durability, while its vintage style adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to any decor. Whether you’re using it in a bar, kitchen, or home, this stool can provide comfortable and practical seating for you and your guests.

Weight10 kg
Dimensions24 × 14 cm


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