H23 – Fixed Handle Handle Fit to Every Revolving Chair with Nut Bolts and Key (Silver, Black, 1 Pair)

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  • Very sturdy and Heavy Duty product
  • Very Easy to Install, You can do it yourself with given tools.. Included Components : 1 Right Side Handle and 1 Left Side Handle ; 2 Pairs of Bolts ; 1 Open Wrench.. Assembly Instructions : Place Handle on Left or Right side of your Chair and screw it with given Bolts with given Open Wrench

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Enjoy enhanced comfort while working at your desk thanks to extraordinary products brought by The Chair House – introducing our unique Fixed Handle Handle Fit To Every Revolving Chairs With Nut Bolts And Key Silver proudly crafted using high quality materials guarantee lasting longevity through constant daily usage no matter how long or intensively used them throughout time frames after purchase date!. Manufactured according strong design principles ideal for keeping mankind up right thus avoiding harming back muscles spine & neck further on highly recommended for people ranging form casual users seeking added convenience so professional constantly bending over various workspaces requiring best support possible even leaning backwards desirable moments stronger hold.. Addition offer trusted customer service along extended five year product warranties unmatched elsewhere marketplace today own favorite suitable stationary executor seat pleasure !

Technical Details

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


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