Refund & Cancellation policy

TheChairHouse Cancellations & Refund policies are designed by incorporating various customer feedbacks and insights of on-ground challenges and costs involved in handling heavy bulky products like chairs and furniture.


  • Regular fulfillment hours are: 10 am-2 pm IST, where no cancellations are allowed to ensure system integrity.
  • Unfulfilled or Un-shipped orders outside fulfillment hours can be self-canceled.
  • Fulfilled or in-transit orders are ineligible for cancellations, if attempted for cancellation then 20% of the order value is a cancellation fee to compensate for its in-transit return and reverse handling expenses and it will be adjusted against the order refund amount.
  • Self-cancellation can be done via the account page for unfulfilled orders only and its refund will be automatically reflected in 4-7 days from the cancellation date.
  • For your information, fulfilled orders are those orders which either in transit or delivered or any status on their route towards the customer.
  • You can surely contact our customer care which is guided by these standard policies only. support team available via WhatsApp chat.


Considering on-ground challenges involved in handling heavy bulky products, our return policy works in the following resolution sequence after the product is delivered and the customer reported its concern details via WhatsApp chat.:

  1. Part Replacement: If the problem can be resolved by part replacement, then it will be approved first.
  2. Partial Units Replacement: If a few units of products have problems that cannot be resolved by part replacement, then those units’ replacement will be approved.
  3. Partial Units Return: If a few units of products have problems that cannot be resolved by the above options, then those units’ returns will be approved.
  4. Full Replacement: If all units of products have problems that cannot be resolved by the above options, then those units’ replacement will be approved.
  5. Full Return: If all units of products have problems that cannot be resolved by the above options, then those units’ returns will be approved.

Company Rights:

  • Manual approvals from customer support are based on the above terms.
  • Logistic costs for part replacements will be borne by TheChairHouse, in cases where these problems are faced such as Manufacturing defects in the product, missing accessories, In-transit damages, or wrong item delivered.
  • Product-related images and descriptions are comprehensive materials for taking the right product purchase decisions. However slight variations in terms of dimensions or product color can be expected, as dimensions are taken by hand measurements and color variations happen rarely due to lighting/flash during photography or your monitor settings. Warranty Or Return terms do not cover minor imperfections in the product that broadly meet design specifications or imperfections that do not materially alter the Product’s functionality.
  • For any other unapproved requirement of the customer such as part replacement or return of products, then additional charges up to 20% of the order value will be applicable for consideration of such requests.
  • For detailed case-by-case resolution, please connect with our support team via WhatsApp chat.

How to return my ordered item?

There are 2 ways to return the product:
1. For Free Returns: Ask customer care via the Contact form for returns approval by sharing your concern with problem pictures if any. In response, support person will help you with free return order processing.
2. For Self-paid Free Returns: For approved customer return cases (by support person), where return facility is not serviceable by the company due to uncertain reasons, then customer arrange its own return logistics with the approvals of support person and their approved return costs will be reimbursed by the company after the return is received successfully as per return terms.

What cases allow Returns?

– You have 30 calendar days from the delivery date to return an item from the date you received it. To be eligible for a return, your item needs to have a valid receipt or proof of purchase. – In order to get free return pickup, your return request need to be approved from customer support as per the details shared by you.

– After return request approval from customer care, depending on availability of reverse logistics at your pincode you will get free return pickup facility, else you may need to send back your item to our warehouse address (it will be shared by the customer care) for further processing of your replacement or refund.

– Return items should be sent in appropriate packaging to avoid in-transit damages. – Return requests are usually approved in those cases, where the product either has making defects or its a direct fault from the company end. – Uncertain reasons like shipment delays, not-comfortable product without any defects etc, are usually not approved for returns.

– Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. We will immediately notify you of the status of your refund or replacement after inspecting the item.

– Item replacement or refund will be processed as per the results of received return inspection.

What cases allow Refunds?

Here are more details applicable to refund requests:

– Your refund will be approved depending on the returned item condition or customer care investigation based on your problem photos and videos.

– As per the item condition, you will be either given 50% refund of item value or 100% refund of item value.

– Item value will be taken from your order Invoice irrespective of its current price on any sales channel.

– If your refund is approved, we will initiate a refund to your original source of payment), and for cod, TheChairHouse wallet refund will be given.

– We refund the amount within 7 calendar days from the refund approval date.

– Like any real-world transaction, a refund happens for item value, not the logistic charges. Even if order is done with free shipping promotional offer, logistics charges do apply for forward and reverse logistics. If the fault is in the product, then the company bears the logistics, or in rare cases, those charges are applied as deductions on the customer refund amount. If those deductions are not applied to your case, then it means they are given as a promotional offer to those orders.